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I have a laptop that is used at work on their domain. I have a User name and Password to logon to the computer on the company domain. I tried to change Member of Domain (the company domain) to Member of Workgroup (my workgroup HOME) at home in order to create a wireless network at home. To do so, I selected Workgroup enable (domain disable) under “Member of”, then click “ok”, then the computer asked to key in a User mane and Password, then I leave it blank then click “ok”. Then the computer asked to restart. After I restart the computer, I could not logon to the computer anymore. My User name and Password for company domain do not work anymore. Hence I have no way to logon to the computer. Maybe the Member of Domain has been change to Member to workgroup. Does anyone can fix this problem? Please help! Thanks. My system is Window XP Professional SP3.
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    Take your laptop to the IT dept of your company and tell them you screwed it up. They will need to add it back onto the domain before you can logon again.
  2. If you're logging on with your domain user/pass then disconnect it form your domain, your user/pass is no longer valid.
  3. There are two types of logins, local and network. lets say you had two accounts accounts called lucy, one logs in locally while the other has to first login to the server. the two accounts are totally different and although your domain user contents are still on your computer, since you are not connected to the server at work anymore you cant login. Your IT Administrator will need to go in and take the contents of your domain account, make you a new local user, and transfer your files into it. other than this there is no way to get around it. this is a security method of logging in and no one but your previous job's IT guy is going to be able to fix it. if you cant do this then either you need to login as local administrator to make yourself a new user( your domain users data will be innaccesible, this will be starting from scratch), or reset the administrators password if you forget/dont kno it.
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