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New build crashing issues

Last response: in Systems
January 18, 2010 11:25:43 AM

Hi Guys

I have recently put together my new system build with components advised by all you helpful people!

I am really leased with the result but I am getting system crashes at two random points!

1. When i run collin mcrae DIRT2 it sometimes crashes after the AMD logo or during the car video sequnce but not all the time. I have done lots of digging around and seems im not the only one with this problem. Ive followed many answers but still crashes my computer.

2. the second time it crashes is sometimes when i maximise a youtube video.

Ill post my system spec below. When i say crash its not a straight forward dump out it just goes very very slow (i.e. 1 frame every 10 seconds) and flicks on and off of a black screen. All i can do is switch the comp off. Both issues above lead to the same crash.

I have downloaded all drivers as to me it seemed like a GPU problem but ive been running cod4:mw2, crysis, batman etc etc all fine! Its just collin macrae dirt2 and these youtube window maximises!

Ive checked temps and they are all fine!

I have overclocked the cpu following many guides and upped the graphics card through the catalyst menu (from 755mhz to 775mhz) and again all temps are very good!


antec 300 case
intel i5 750 processor running at 3.8ghz
ati radeon 5850 xxx gpu
OCZ 700w stealth stream psu
g skill 4gb 1600mhz ram
1tb samsung F3 HDD
coolmaster hyper cooler
gigabyte p55a-ud4 mobo

many thanks!!

EDIT: windows 7 home premium 64bit btw :) 

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January 18, 2010 11:45:13 AM

It's probably a software issue. Is it only doing it with those two actions (Dirt 2 and YouTube)? Try running an updated virus scan and reinstalling Dirt.

I would agree that's it's a GPU issue, but the more graphics intense games are running fine. If the GPU went bad, those would cause it to crash more, not less.

With the overclocking, I also thought it might be a power supply issue, but the build shouldn't be drawing that much power anyway. Again, the crash would happen more often.
January 18, 2010 1:24:13 PM

Yes i agree. I have been reading that lots of people with the 5xxx series cards are having issues and it may be due to a windows 7 update or something.

Its just very strange when its doing it as nearly everything runs fine apart from dirt two and these flash windows. fine when in normal screen but crashign when maximised. its very wierd!

Also massivley frustrating given the amount ive spent on the computer!! but i guess technology is never straight forwar dis it :D 

curious to see if any others have had issues with these cards?

not sure what to try really... Getting 15,700 on 3dmark vantage which i think is about right?
January 18, 2010 1:31:17 PM

I have a 5xxx series and haven't had an issues. Of course, I'm not running Dirt, and don't particularly care for using YouTube.

I would look for a Flash update and/or a patch for Dirt. I do know that I was having trouble with a media player (not the Windows MP), which was fixed by a simple update.