Fan Control troubles

I'm having troubles with my system_fan2.

So it's connected to my motherboard, it's 3 pin and it's running at max speed constantly (~1360 rpm). I would really want decrease to 1000 or under because it is a little loud.

So I've tried Speedfan, Easy Tune 6, and BIOS. None of them worked. :pt1cable:

My fan is sleeved so screwing around with the wires is A)Not something I want to do/comfortable with and B)Not possible without ruining the sleeving.
I have a front Cooler Master fan that is also 3 pin, but can have it's RPM changed through Speedfan and ET6 (probably bios too, but I didn't check). My Intel stock cooler for the i5-3450 can of course change speeds as well.

How does this at all make sense? Both are plugged into the 1,2, and 3 pins. Please help! :love:

Motherboard is GA-H77M-D3H

Edit: I have a molex adapter for a 3 pin fan. Has a male and female connector ;)
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    Some obvious questions...

    1) Have you tried to use the molex adapter and then attach it to your power supply that way?

    2) Can you plug the fan that can be changed with your software into the CPU pins that aren't working? That way, you could determine if it's a fan issue or the pins on the motherboard.

    3) When you plug the working fan into the unresponsive slot, try to plug the fan that doesn't work into the pins that are responding, and see if you can change it there.

    Once you isolate the problem, it will be easier to fix.
  2. 1) Wouldn't that be pointless because it would run at max rpm like it already is?

    2) and 3) I didn't think of that! I'll try it right away! Thanks.
  3. It would be pointless for controlling RPM, you're right! But I meant that if one of the CPU fan pins were not working, as a troubleshoot then you could run the lower RPM fan through the molex, and then run the higher one through the port that you can control and then lower that manually to your liking, noise wise.

    Just a temporary solution though, I would go get a fan that is quieter. But I live near Microcenter and they're like 6-10 dollars there. I have 9 fans, including the ones in my PSU and GPU.
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  5. You sir are awesome, I literally cannot hear it and the front LED is brighter. Temperatures are the same except the HDD is 5-7 degrees cooler.

    What I did is plug the back fan to system_fan1 and I was able to put it to 600rpm which is dead silent. Then the front fan's connector couldn't reach system_fan2 so I plugged into a molex and into the psu. So it's running at full rpm, but it's dead silent still.

    I wish I could give you more than best answer ;)
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