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Im presently running with a e8500, with 4gb's of ram@1066 with a 260gtx, on a asus p5ql pro, i need to upgade because battlefield bad company 2 is coming out and i here u need quad core, would an i7-860 with 4gb's of 1600, on a p55 asrock board with my same 260gtx be enough of an upgrade or am i wasting my money?
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  1. On the i7-860, yes. On the RAM, no. On the mobo, maybe.

    I would get the i5-750 instead of the i7-860. It's a better gaming CPU for about $100 less. That would allow you to get a better mobo. ASRock makes a good budget board, but shoule be avoided if possible. I recommend the Asus P7P55D-E Pro. It's a very future proof board, and it's not that expensive at $190.
  2. but the i5 is limited to 1333 ram unless u oc, how is the i5 a better gaming cpu? the i7 out specs it all around
  3. 1.) The i5 isn't limited to 1333 RAM. Almost all of the boards have at least 1600 mhz before needing to be overclocked.

    2.) Yes, the i7 has better specs. That doesn't make it a better CPU. The i5 has a feature called turbo boost, where if only one (or two) cores are being used, the other cores are shut down and the ones in use are automatically overclocked. That means that when you game (with 1 core in use), that core is overclocked to somewhere around 3.2 GHz (I'm guessing on that).

    The only thing that the i5 is missing is hyperthreading, which while very useful in other applications, is completely worthless in gaming.

    In addition, the fact that it's $100 cheaper allows you to buy a better GPU, which is far more important in gaming than the CPU. Basically, instead of getting the i7-860 and an HD 5770, it's not much of a strech to get an i5 and an HD 5850. The difference there is playing at 1600x resolutions and playing at 1900x resolutions.

    If you look at the benchmarks, the i5 performs as well as the i7-920 in games. The i7-860 should only be consider for multi-tasking/work PCs that can't afford the 920's mobos and 6 GB of RAM. Which is rare.
  4. is the i5 that much better than my e8500, its not as fast, im going to keep my 260gtx for a little while longer, what shouli use for a board? p55?
  5. Yes, the i5 is a lot better what you have. It's really difficult to compare a dual core to a quad on straight clock speeds alone. The quads appear to be not as good, but the benchmarks pretty much show that all of them are better.

    The GTX 260 should be alright for a while.

    You have to get a P55 board. Outside of the actual CPU, the i5 and i7-860 are exactly the same. Any build you put together for one will work for the other. I already pointed out an excellent board (Asus P5P55D-E Pro).
  6. should i go with 1333 or 1600 ram?
  7. Which ever. With the G.Skill sets, the difference between CAS Latency 7 1333 mhz and 1600 mhz is almost nothing, so I would go with the 1600 mhz. The most important thing is to make sure you get CAS Latency 7 sticks (timings 7-7-7-x).
  8. how about this one

    ASUS P7P55-M LGA 1156 Intel P55 Micro ATX

    I dont need sli and its an ASUS
  9. That'd be a good one.
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