Temperature effect on cpu lifetime

I'm running a zotac ion-itx which has an intel atom n330 cpu with a max temp of 85.2
I run it fanless and it levels out at around 70-75, which is pretty close to max.
My question is: is there any definitive experimental data proving that temperature significantly effects lifetime. Something like the test on hard drives in the google server farm

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  1. I'm not sure about atom n330s but temperature has a definite effect on the components within the processor. It's the same with voltage for overclocking, most chips have a lifespan of around 10 years without serious degredation in performance if they're run within their approved tolerance, but the thin metals will be effected if you increase the voltage or temperature above this for a prolonged period of time. It sounds like it might be ok, but if it does peak around the 85 mark at any stage it is in danger of being damaged, or even breaking. Considering how small the electronic pathways are within a processor, at 85.2 might just be the breaking point when things start to melt or buckle.
  2. As you know solid state devices prefer cooler environments, which is why there are usually a couple of fans in most computer cases,,increasing the heat will definitely shorten the life expectancy of any solid state device,it is all dependent upon the quality of the part in question...and the amount of daily heat that is produced,it ihas never been safe to operate solid state devices at or near their theoretical limit....:)
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