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CUDA enabled NVIDIA video card

hello all
i am currently thinking of build a new computer for school and work. I mainly use my computer to run 3d max, vray, autodesk software, adobe suite....and some other that i can remember. ever since the late 2009 all the rendering company are mainly pushing for gpu rendering software. now i am stuck between building a new computer from the ground up or just upgrading my gpu.... so my question is what is a good CUDA enabled NVIDIA video card that would withstand the workload and would be compatible with my current build or if gpu card cant be handle by my build can some one please tell me what good amd quad core asus board should i use.

this is my build....
windows 7 ult
8gb of ddr2 675mhz
300gb raptor sata
amd athlon 64 x2 3.1 ghz socket am2
nvidia geforce 7600 gt
asus m2n-sli deluxe
650wats power supply

what would be the best cuda card ? (bang for its buck)
what difference is there between opengl 2.1 vs opengl 3.0?
is there a motherboard that would allow for 8core cpu?
what power suplu would allow me to run the new gpu ?
thank you in advance..
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    If all you do with the graphics card is 3d works, no gaming than any cheap cuda enabled card should be more than powerful enough. honestly looking at your system it looks like you do not really need such, but ok.

    opengl 3.0 is newer, it is a free alternative to direct X. (correct me if im wrong) windows games and interface does not use it, only freeware or specific programs. so nothing for you to worry about. if you get a new card it will have 3.0 most likely anyways.

    there probably is an octacore supporting mobo somewhere, but it will not be cheap and probably only available for servers.

    your power supply is more than powerful enough to run today's most powerful graphics cards.

    I believe any 9 series and above from nvidia supports CUDA, but make sure you check before buying. 9800GT and above definetely supports CUDA.

    good enough for you???
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