What is the best 2D card for dual 1600x1200?

I'm doing lots of business type graphics, realtime charting, etc... mobo has PCIE 2.0 slots. No gaming.
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  1. just pick any cheapest card that u can get, u don't need a high end card.
    HD 4650 is just more than enough.. :)
  2. Anybody know of some actual benchmarks of 2d performance?
  3. I don't think they make benchmarks of 2D apps. I used a Geforce 7100GS 128MB while my other card was being RMA'ed, and it worked fine for all 2D apps. It even played CS:S at 1280x800 and low settings. I agree with wa1 that you should get the cheapest card you can find. A 4650 would be perfectly fine for office apps.
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