i have q9505 2.8ghz and msi g31 motherboard , i,m going to buy gforce 9600gt 512 ddr3 wich support pci 2.0 .but my mobo doesn't support pci 2.0 and it is not good enough for quad cores . can i play game like nfs shift and call of duty MW 2 in 1024x768 without any slow in these specs .so my question is do i need a immediately change of my motherboard to newer verion and Is it wortless to buy 9600gt instead of changing my motherboard. and i have money only for the vga and have a difficulty of finding money
sorry for my language mistakes
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  1. A 9600GT (or any other PCI-e card) will work plenty fine even though your mobo doesn't have PCI-e 2.0. It's all fully backwards compatible and should be no problem.
  2. Depends. Those specs alone need a quality PSU, and quality RAM. They are indeed good parts, should you buy good parts to support that, yes, I'd say you can run both applications on even higher resolutions.
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