How to make different RAM cards work.

Hey, guys

I had some trouble with my pc. I've got that fixed now and the problem was the memory... It appears that it's best not to combine different RAM cards, but I heard that you can change a RAM card's speed in the BIOS to make it work. These are my RAM card's specs:

RAM 1:


How can I install both of the cards in my computer, without causing it to get unstable or even get a BSOD.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. When installed together the PC3200 will downclock to the slower of the two Dimms PC2700 speed or 333Mhz. As you mentioned, there is no guarantee two mismatched DIMMs will behave together. As far as BIOS adjustments to be made, not all BIOS are the same. Basic BIOS adjustments for RAM are speed, timing and voltage, but your BIOS may not have ANY RAM adjustments available. Go in BIOS and see what's available. A bump up in RAM voltage if available may help with RAM stability.
  2. You've mentioned both DDR2 and DDR RAM modules.. They are not compatible with each other.. Even if your motherboard supports both the formats, i guess you can use only one type at a time and never both together..
  3. Yeah, if what you typed is correct (DDR2) the two types of RAM will not work together. Much less fit in the RAM slot. Could be a typo by OP. What is the 'U' (PC3200U)? If the RAM is DDR2 should read PC23200.
  4. Hi

    Thanks for the quick replies!

    My two RAM cards fit in the same slots and my motherboard supports both.
    But I didn't know yet about all the different specs of RAM cards... I've just typed the information on the card itself.

    The Compaq RAM card was from a Compaq Evo D310 Desktop (D31D). This computer has originally two RAM cards, with exactly the same specs but the second one had only 256MB memory (total memory of 768MB). I wanted to upgrade my PC to 1GB memory, wich of course wasn't much of a succes...

    I hope you can help me with this information.
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