Crossfirex interconnect cable do i need for HIS H467QR1GH video card

I bought an AMD Crossfire X compatable Motherboard and i found the duel graphics cards i want to run on my system,, but i'm looking at the pictures and it doesnt look like it has the standard internal card-to-card connection port. I thought i saw earlier today an external DVI interconnect cable but i cant find it now. The major product sites dont tell me what interconnect cable is needed, if someone could help me, i'd appreciate it.

thanks in advance.
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    uhmm, if i'm not mistake, u don't need a CF bridge for 2x 4670 to get it work on CF...
    Since your mobo is AMD Crossfire X compatable Motherboard, u just plug them without CF bridge...
    Correct me if i'm wrong, anyone?
  2. Posted on the Graphics Card thread as well and got the answer there. An interconnect cable is not needed for that particular card, thanks for the input.
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