How to combine 2 networks

I just purchased a Brother Wireless printer. I followed all the installation setup and eventually got it to print on a network.

Trouble is, i now have 1 network to connect wirelessly to the internet, and 1 network to print.

I can't join both at the same time, so when i need to print, i have to change the router so all my internet goes down.

How do i fix this?
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  1. change the default ip address of printer to your wireless network range. ..
  2. Why would your PC and printer be on different networks in the first place? I can't imagine the printer isn't using DHCP by default. And if it and your PC (also using DHCP) are connected to the same wireless router, they HAVE to be on the same network. I just don't see how it could be otherwise. Something odd here about your configuration that’s not coming through in your description.
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