Horizontal stripes on the monitor

Hi, I got a bit of a problem.

After playing newly downloaded D&DO for a few hours the game grafics started to act up, I restarted the game a few times and eventually my computer crashed and when i booted it again there were strange stripes, dots and gibberish all over the place. the screen then went black and I restarted in safe mode.

At this point there were colored stripes on the monitor. I started to search for some kind of solution, but without warning the stripes were gone and I could run the computer without safe mode again.

I started up another game but soon the exact same thing happened there: the game grafics acted up comp crashed and had to start up in safe mode, and the same stripes were back.

I found that the only way I can start up the computer without the use of safe mode is to disable the video card driver (it is the latest one). Even after the video card driver is disabled the same stripes remain. However when in safe mode it doesn't indicate that the driver is broken (No yellow "!" on the device manager).

Also I got a blue screen at the crash: "Page Fault In Nonpaged Area"

So my guess it has something to do with the video card?
read somewhere that the memory might also have something to do with it.

Please help!

Using Windows XP and Nvidia Geforce 8800

I found a screenshot with the same stripes from another user on this forum, but without the yellow "!"
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  1. Those look like vertical lines, though it really makes little difference.

    It sure sounds like the card is overheating.
  2. it most likely is overheating if the problem goes away sometimes.. the problem is DEFINITELY your video card..

    if you are recently experiencing these problems, clean out your computer for dust and see if you can add some more fans to it.. also, if the problems continues, your graphics card could be on its way out.. replace it!
  3. Yup, it can be an overheating or even a defective card...
    Check your card's temps, if it not high and the vertical lines still appear then your card is defective...
  4. Did a emergency dust cleaning and restarted after letting the card cool, still stripes. I'm guessing its time to replace it.

    Thanks for all the support :)
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