New build, feedback plzz

Mobo: M4A785TD-M EVO
CPU: AMD PHENOM II X4 965 BE (125 watt)
RAM: 4GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz Ripjaw
DVD: Samsung Super-WriteMaster SH-S223Q
CPU cooler: ??????????????????????????????
Kabinet: Cooler Master HAF 922

1.Will this setup work with out bios update? :)
2.What Cpu cooler will u recommend? :)
3.Would you changes any thing? :)
4.Will a case silencer kit make it much silencer? :)

Thanks for you help :)
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  1. 1. I have no idea, so I'll let someone else answer.

    2. Coolermaster Hyper 212.

    3. I would get a board that allows for Crossfire. I like the Asus M4A79XTD EVO. It's not that much more expensive.

    4. I would guess that that's the intent of the kits. Whether they can accomplish that is another thing. The ones that came up from Googling look just like foam you put on the inside of the case.

    If that's what you're looking at, then I'm going to guess it's not worth it. The loudest part of the computer is going to be the external fans, simply because they aren't being dampened. Putting foam on the inside may lower the noise a little, but it will also likely make the components hotter. This will make the fans spin faster, which will make more noise. So I doubt they're worth the price.
  2. 1. Don't see any reason why it wouldn't.
    2. Depends, are you planning to overclock it? If so, you might want to look at a better overclocking motherboard.
    3. Any higher budget and you'd be looking at Intel CPUs, but given your price range, AMD is probably comparable, if not better.
    4. You're better off buying quiter, higher quality components in the first place than relying on aftermarket silencing options. The noise generated by your computer is going to be dependent on your case, case fans, CPU cooler, and power supply fan. Your case is pretty high quality, and from reviews, appears to be pretty quiet. The power supply you've selected also appears to operate quietly based on reviews.
  3. 1. The board came out after the CPU, so it should.
    2. Overclocking? Budget?
    3. Antec TP-650 or SeaSonic X650
    4. Just wait and buy better case fans later, if you feel you need them.
  4. I agree with MadAdmiral in that if you were going to upgrade anything, make it the motherboard. Your case will have more than enough room for a full ATX board, and it's nice to know that you have the option to CrossFire in the future if you want. However, keep in mind that each 5850 you have is going to require TWO 6pin PCI connectors from your power supply. As it is now, your PSU has enough to power one 5850, but probably not two, even with the use of molex to 6pin PCI adapters.

    The CoolerMaster Hyper 212 is also a fanatastic cooler for the money, and should cool sufficiently for a mild overclock. Again though, if you're planning on overclocking at all, you should get a better motherboard.
  5. #1 thanks for the quick answer :)
    (2.)Ill take a look at Hyper 212 and look for some test :) Do you have any experience with this cooler? :)
    (3.)hmm, i also thougt alot about it, but i think in some years i just buy a new gfx thats what i been recommended by some others :)
    (4.) haha :) i see you point :) thanks :) at i was that foam i thought about :)

    Im sorry for the spelling mistakes :) Im not from english speaking country :)
  6. Dont think i will OC afterwards because i dont know how :)
    I have around what would be 2000 dollars, but im buying the things in denmark, where it is a bit more expensive:)
    can you send me a link or the name of the mobo you would recommend :)
  7. If you're not overclocking, the stock CPU cooler (the one that comes with the processor) will work just fine.

    Things must be A LOT more expensive in Denmark, as this build is quiet a bit under $2000.

    Also, link as requested:
  8. No its doesn't ran up to 2000 dollar but I need a screen also and keyboard :D its around 1250 but if I can save some money so I also have to a flat screen next year it would be great :D
    But if I change motherboard and put the coolermaster hyper in, will I then have a great computer? :D

    BTW. I use my phone to write now :D
  9. And I have heard that the 790x chipset not should be that good? Can I get some comments about that rumor?:D
  10. It depends how you define "great" computer. You could build a $10,000 dollar computer if you really wanted to. I would say with your current parts you are getting a "respectable" computer.

    Also, unless your planning on buying a 40" flatscreen as a monitor, I think leaving 750 for the monitor and keybaord is way to generous, but again, I'm not too familiar with Denmark's prices. I would leave 300-400 for a nice monitor and keyboard, and instead spend about 1600-1700 on the computer. With this budget you could upgrade to an i7 920 processor, and a socket 1366 board, which would be much better IMO.
  11. Its for gaming so why spend money on i7 there is no big different in game, you can only use it to big calculate programs there shall stand on all night :D
  12. And I shall buy a computer screen and a new television :D
  13. Obviously, you really are drunk. The i7-920 is better than the i5 for gaming, once your budget hits a certain point. The reason the i5 is choosen a lot is that for $100 less, you can get a better GPU. If you've already gotten the 5870 (or 5970), that purpose is defeated. The i5 isn't better than the i7 in gaming, it's just the same for cheaper. And that's only before you start overclocking.
  14. Not talking of the i5 and i7, talking about amd and i7
    And if the amount of money is under 1800 dollars amd is the preferred :D
  15. Why are you excluding what is currently the best CPU out? And no, anything under $1,800 should not automatically be AMD. Anything under $1,800 (for a gaming machine) should be using an i5. Anything between $1,000-$1,200 faces a choice bewteen the i5 and AMD based on any other uses and monitor resolution. Anything under $1,000 should be AMD.
  16. Just what I have heard :D
    Can the motherboard there linked to longer up be used without BIOS update?:D And is that better than the one I choose to begin with? :D
  17. I assume yes. I don't really know. I've got it and I didn't mess with the BIOS much.

    And yes. That board is considered one of the best values.
  18. MadAdmiral said:
    Why are you excluding what is currently the best CPU out? And no, anything under $1,800 should not automatically be AMD. Anything under $1,800 (for a gaming machine) should be using an i5. Anything between $1,000-$1,200 faces a choice bewteen the i5 and AMD based on any other uses and monitor resolution. Anything under $1,000 should be AMD.

    VERY good advice.

    Also, try not to worry very much about your motherboard needing a BIOS update. It's almost never a problem.
  19. Thanks to both of you, just worried I got a new pc that I couldn't use :D
    What about the graphic card its that fine? :D
  20. The GPU is a great card.
  21. Cpu? I meant the gfx hd5850 :D

    I do you think this computer will be noisy?:D
  22. GPU = Graphics card. CPU is the Central Processing Unit. GPU is the Graphics Processing Unit.

    I have not idea how loud it will be. The GPU isn't going to be very loud, nor is the CPU cooler. The case will probably make the most noise, and since I don't own one, I can't say how loud it is.
  23. Watch this review on the HAF 922. Somewhere in the video, he should let you have a listen to the stock cooling. From what I can tell based on comments and other reviews the case is pretty quiet.
  24. can hear anything :S

    Okay thx :)
    What "NM"? Can see there is a different in NM on the motherboards :D
  25. Is there a big differance on DDR2 and DDR3??
    And whats harddisk is best WD GREEN or Samsung spinpoint F3? Cost the same almost:) 2 dollars in differance :D
  26. DDR2 is going to operate at a slower frequency with lower (better) latencies, while DDR3 is going to operate at a higher frequency with higher latencies. Generally speaking, you want the highest frequency you can get, and the lowest latencies you can get. What this means is that DDR3 isn't inherently better than DDR2. To find out which of two particular RAM modules is faster, multiple the frequency by the CAS latency. Whichever has a higher product of these two numbers is essentially the faster RAM.

    Between those two, Samsung SpinPoint F3. If those are out of stock (and they often are) you're next best choice would be Seagate 7200.12s. See the TH 2009 HDD benchmarks here. You'll notice that the SpinPointF3s and the 7200.12s are the only affordable drives up near the top there.
  27. there isnt out of stock :) i just heard that WD should be the best extern so i thougth they also would be good intern :)
  28. Not necessarily. It's always a good idea to check the latest benchmarks and charts on sites like TH here to find out quickly what's ACTUALLY performing best, aside from all the marketing and hearsay.
  29. thanks :) just didnt thougt there would be any different in harddisk if both were 7200 :)
  30. There's a big difference because of the different sized platters (WD has 250 GB, Samsung and Seagate have 500 GB). The platter is the actual disk, so the more data stored in the same area means that data can be accessed/written faster. In addition, bigger platters mean there are fewer of them, which means fewer moving parts. This makes them quieter and allow them to run cooler.

    The platter size isn't actually something that shows up very well in the specs. You just have to know the benchmarks...
  31. okay so samsung its the best of those 2 :D

    found out that the WD green only is 5400 :S
  32. Can you tell me what screen its good and not to expensive? :D
    And is the hyper 212 the best cpu cooler? :D
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