Nvidia 9700M and Dell 30" resolution problem

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Hello I need help with a DELL 3007 monitor and windows 7 64bit apparent incompability.

I have a new Acer AS-8930G laptop running on Windows 7 64bit, and i want to connect it to my Dell 30" screen and have it working with the maximum resolution. The graphic card is NVIDIA 9700M, which supposedly supports up to two screens with 2560x1440 resolution (my Dell's resolution).

The laptop has a HDMI out and the Monitor needs a DVI-D (Dual Link), so I bought the necessary cable to connect both, making sure it was a Dual Link. Also installed the latest Dell 3007-WFP driver for Windows 7.

But the maximum resolution that it lets me choose is 1280x800 pixels! If i choose in the advance settings to show all posible resolutions I can also choose 1920x1080 32 bit, but it is also not what I want.

Can anyone help me here and why wouldn't my videocard allow me to choose the native resolution??

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  1. I believe that your answer is that the 9700M integrated graphics does not support Dual-Link DVI, therefore it will not support that monitor.

    A similar issue happened to a co-worker of mine, he ordered a DELL system that came as a bundle with a DELL 30-inch monitor. The system came with an Nvidia Quadro NVS-420. The NVS-420 does not support Dual-Link DVI so it did not work. Go figure, a $400.00 video card offered by DELL in a PACKAGE deal with the 30-inch monitor does not even support the monitor! typical DELL...
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