2 hdd 32 mb cache raid 0 vs 1 hdd 64 mb cache


I'm considering on purchasing a custom build system and was hoping to have revealed the difference between 2 HDD with 32mb cache in a RAID 0 set up versus 1 HDD with 64mb cache.

I will be using this system for graphic work, audio, video and gaming. I'm looking for performance. No, I don't care what you think about "unreliability" of RAID 0 because I have reduntant backup systems/methods to care for that.

My main concern is performance. Will I notice have an increased (looking for a min. of 25%, but ideally 50% or more) performance or not?

Again I don't care about unreliability of RAID 0 nor other RAID setups nor do I care about spending top dollar for SSD. I just want to know exactly what I am asking for.

Thank You.
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  1. You will notice an increase in performance. It won't be 50%. I doubt that it will be 25%.

    Nice job of defusing all the arguments proactively.
  2. a 64mb cache hd is not faster than a 32mb cache hd, so your question is answered right?
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