5770 update and display problem

Hi i just upgraded my graphics card from 9800gt to his 5770, first time ati graphics card.
anyway i uninstalled the drivers for 9800gt and restart, installed ati card and the drivers but i seem

to accounted a problem or perhaps misunderstanding.

my computer details
Duo core 8400
motherboard p5k se epu
Graphics ati his 5770
monitor LG w2261v / 21.5 inch
connected via hdmi cable
windows 7 ultimate

i used the drivers that i got with the card and they work fine but when i update a problem occurs.
when i select resolution at 1080p it doesnt use the full screen eg, black boarder around the used screen

the monitor is 1080p

so i went back to the update that came with the cd, games run fine other except
Order Of War which also displays a black boarder around the screen

i went to the control center and right clicked on the monitor and forced it to be 1080p it seemed to work but is this solution long term ?

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    Open CCC and somewhere in the display configuration for your monitor, ensure that there is no over/underscan. For some reason my CCC had a small degree of underscan turned on which led to the black bars you mentioned.

    A word of caution, when you start your games up and pick the native resolution the underscan may show up again. Just turn on any options for windowed mode and/or full screen and then turn off windowed mode again and the black bars should go away. Hope that helps!
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