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I'm a newbie - I have a Cooler Master and I'm trying to connect both fans to the motherboard, but, the board only has one chassis fan connection. Am I missing something? Adaptor?
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  1. Hey,

    you should have a couple of those 3 pin connectors spread all over your motherboard (well, mostly in the CPU region). Any one of them will do, whether they are labeled chassis fan or CPU fan or whatever, as long as it fits it will work.
    Another method would be to use a 4 pin adapter. Sometimes they are packaged with the fan, otherwise you can get them for cheap.

    Hope this helps.
  2. ^ Thanks, but there dose not seem to be any other 3 pin connectors. On the MB there is one labeled "CPU fan" and one labeled "Cha fan" (only 2) but there are 3 fans all together. Also, it came with a couple 4 pin adapters but I see no where to connect them on the MB as well.

    I have a ASUS M4A88TD-M
  3. Seems like you need to use the adapter then. You don't connect the 4 Pin to the MB, you connect it to a 4 pin cable from the power supply. You should have plenty of those, just look around your case.
  4. Yes just use the 4pin Molex connectors from your psu.
    You should have plenty of those plus you can connect 2 or more together off the same lead.
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