Intel i5 cpu's with Gigabyte H55 mb

I have to build a workstation for a user who will be primarily doing desktop publishing in WISIWIG and some photo/image with using XP but will migrate to Win7. The workstation uses a 37" LCD 1080p TV/Monitor.

I'm looking at the Gigabyte H55M-UD2H mobo that utilizes the on-board HD video in the Intel i3,5,7 chips. A couple of questions, though:

1) I have not found any specific ref-
erences to the resolutions available
on the Intel chips. Anyone know?

2) Since the i5-660 and the i5-750 are
the same price...what advantage would
one have over the other for this type
of application?

Thanks for any comments.
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  1. The i5-750 doesn't have integrated graphics, therefore you'll have to install a discrete GPU.
  2. +1, if you take the i5 750, you wont get a signal from the onboard video output, id get the 750and a 5450 or sumtin cheap
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