Raid 5 no longer recognised after booting with AHCI option

Hello everyone,

I have 4x2TB disks running in a Raid 5 configuration, thus having enabled the Raid-option in Bios. Now, updating the firmware of the SSD that I have installed as well, required me to change this option to AHCI (no idea why, ask OCZ).

After flashing the SSD's firmware and reconfiguring the bios to Raid once again, my Asus onboard controller won't recognise the four disks properly anymore.

I've made a screenshot, look for yourself.

How do I get my Raid back, please help!

Edit: As you can see, the 2 drives that are "missing" do show up, just not as part of the Raid. The "Raid-Boot manager" (displays right before the windows loading screen) will mark the raid as "failed" as well.
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  1. Yes to have the raid you will have to have the controller on raid settings no getting around that. Also Yes SSD's want AHCI as it is a more advanced mode for drive control. Most will tell you to put your raid on a stand alone card to have this work well. You can make this work in raid mode just turn it back on and the SSD "SHOULD" say non member disk and you will have to select it as the first boot device to boot from it.

  2. My SSD is actually configured as a Raid device without actually being part of a raid. No problems so far, I only had to change it to update its firmware.

    However for what reason isn't my system realizing that all 4 raid drives are online and functional? And how do I fix this?
  3. There is a chance that changing it back to ACHI mode broke the raid5. but i'm not sure why it would do that
  4. I tried changing it back and forth, even switching the SATA-cables from the HDDs, nothing seems to work. It's amazing how a single boot with a different configuration can destroy your raid...

    However I've started a raid recovery software last night, it's been scanning since. Approximately 10 hours to go, will see if the results are satisfying.
  5. In most BIOSes that I have seen, RAID is a superset of AHCI. That is, if the controller is set to RAID mode, disk drives that are not part of a RAID set will be treated with AHCI protocols.

    The exception has been DELL machines, where a drive needs to be initialized in RAID mode to work in RAID mode. DELL BIOS has several other nastinesses.
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