HIS radeon HD 3650

I know this has been covered & i have tried in vein to get windows 7 to install the drivers for my graphics card but nothing works

i have tried the HIS software & latest hotfix drivers. Mobility Modder, & some older ATI drivers as well as sapphire & none will install correctly

when i do get a driver to install manually my system reboots & i have to restore it back to before the driver was installed

i know alot of people have had this issue & some have resolved it but i just cant get windows & to accept any driver for my HD 3650
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  1. Are you downloading the right version? You'll need a version (64 bit vs 32 bit) that matches your operating system... even if you have a 64 bit processor (we all do now), if you're running a 32 bit OS (some of us are) then you'll still need the 32 bit version of the Catalyst software.
  2. Yes i am using the 32 bit drivers
    I downloaded hot fix drivers from ATI's website & also tried the HIS, webpage & software from the install disk that came with my card

    I should have mentioned im running a older 3Ghz P4 so its a AGP 512mb card on a fresh install of windows 7 so it shouldnt have had any older drivers or unwanted registry keys when i first attempted to install the first time around

    I will give it another go with the 9.12 hotfix after i run CCleaner etc but may have to go back to XP pro to get my card to work.

    It just seems strange that XP detects my card but win 7 will only detect it as a standard 16mb vga

    (im fairly sure i have the latest bios update)

    Anyhow thanks guys ill give it another go & report back the results
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    Just reading over those hot fix notes, it would appear that ATI has piss-poor support for their AGP cards under Windows 7. It sounds like you're doing everything right, but there just might not be a solution for you yet.

    I ran into a nasty compatibility issue with an older game and my 5850... took two more driver releases before I could play it. You might find yourself in a similar waiting situation.
  4. I thought as much :heink: yeah its about 5-6 yrs old i guess, P4 3ghz with old hyperthreading

    I will be upgrading my old girl as soon as i can afford a new motherboard ram processor & video card package (i suppose ill have to get a decent PSU to run it )

    Im open to suggestions for a decent budget to mid priced setup for a gaming based system without forking out big bucks

    Im in Australia if anyone can recommend a good wholesaler ill look into upgrading & give the old girl to the kids until it finally dies of old age

    Thanks for the help everyone, i guess i have to stop flogging this dead horse bite the bullet & upgrade to some new technology :cry:
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