I just fix my computer installed new optical drive cleaned it reset t

Ijust fixed my computer and everything was working fine. I installed a new opticle drive cleaned it out and reset the cpu fan and heat sink with new thermal compound, installed with fresh version of XP. And now 2 days later while I am surfing the web, it freezes and made one continuous beep. I tried restarting and now I don't get anything but a black screen. When I power my computer on I hear the fans and stuff so their must be power there. I am confused.
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  1. One continuous beep usually means that the video card power plug is not plugged in properly - what video card does your system have ? - IF it uses a PCI-e 6-pin or 8-pin power connection check to make sure it is installed correctly (it may have come loose while you were cleaning !) if it doesn't use external power check to make sure the card is seated properly in the slot.
  2. hello thank you i will check it out just got the message was taken care of some stuff i didn't want to spend hours on what others call pointless etc. I have two girls and i find myself berried in my computers! sometimes it's best to just walk away and ask someone lol
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