Plait GT 240 issue

I recently bought palit gt240 1gb ddr3 & my friend has gt 220 1gb ddr3 but when i checked the gpu-z information about my graphic card it is showing the similar information as my friends graphic card

what is the problem???Did i bought a fake graphic card? :??:
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  1. GPU-Z said that your GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GT 240, so what's wrong?
  2. on nvidia website it says it gives 54GB/s bandwidth but on gpuz it says only 25.6GB/s
  3. one more question while playing games gpu temperature goes up to 48 this a normal temperature??? or should i add a system fan in my case currently there is no system fan
  4. i'm not familiar with nvidia...
    about your temps, 48'C is very very normal... :)
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    The 54 is for the DDR5,2475-2.html

    They have DDR3 listed @ 32
  6. ya man ddr3 gives 32GB/s but my card shows only 25.6GB/s....gt220 also shows 25.6GB/s i will never buy palit cards :pfff: ....... or may be because i am running this card on pci-e x16 thts y i am not getting full bandwidth i think
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