Taping out blue leds Antec 300 case

Actually, I forgot if my case is the ANTEC 300 or 900. It's the black "airy" one with all the blue LED fans. Newegg shows a very similiar picture of it (looks just like mine) and says it's the "300", so maybe that's what it is.

Well, I'm not a kid anymore and am not into all the flash, hype, etc. and thought that the blue LEDS in the ANTEC 300 case would look "cool" when I built my computer over a year (or maybe 2) ago, but have now decided that they're too bright at night.

I leave my computer on because I watch Youtube and stuff before I go to bed and the computer is next to my bed (like watching t.v. in bed), but I like the room dark when I turn off the monitor. One reason that I leave the computer on at night is also for "white noise" (along with my fan sometimes) which helps me to sleep.

Anyways, I found an easy way to "kill" those blue leds; just put black tape over them. I cut a small strip and place it over each of the leds in the fans and that does it. Actually though if you want to kill them completely, you also have to tape "around" the outside of the fan, but my room is nearly dark now, save for the HD light, etc.

Even so, I'm still thinking of just buying some "led-less" fans from NewEgg, more for "something-to-do" than necessity. Can someone tell me the sizes I need to order?

Also, while I'm on the subject, I MAY have put a fan in backwards, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know the direction the fans should all go in the ANTEC 300 case?? I believe the front two are INTAKE fans. Should the top fan be an exhaust fan? What about the rear fan? I'm not home with my computer right now, but I believe the ANTEC 300

Oh, does anyone know if there are fans that you can turn the LEDs off/on with a switch ?

P.S. Upon doing some NEWEGG research, it appears I have the ANTEC 300 "Illusion" case that's on NEWEGG for $69.

Thanks :)
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  1. According to Newegg (I found no other good info for this), you have three each, 120mm fans (two front intake, one rear exhaust) and one 140mm exhaust fan at the top.
    On the fan frame, there are usually two arrows (pointing in different directions) that indicate fan rotation direction and air flow direction - the air flows the direction the arrow points.
    There are switched fans - even fans that'll write messages on the blades - you can kinda go crazy in the fan department if so inclined.
    Hope it helped
  2. Thanks, that did help.
  3. with led you have three things you can do to turn them off. use a porduct like one from nxzt that it a one meter strip of led on a control board. the board on back has the on/off/hi/low button. if you have a fan controler you can connect a few led in series or an led strip and turn them on and off with one channel of a fan controller. some people by a power toggle switch or button and wire hot side of a molex connector to it so that you can turn the led on and off with a switch.
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