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Yesterday I replaced my old video card (8800gts) with ati hd 5870. After i plugged in the card the computer wouldn't post and the hard drive LED keeps blinking. There isnt any beeping code either.

I tried few things but nothing worked. Then i decided to put the old card back in and the computer started ust fine. Now my question is that is the new video card bad or is it that my psu doesn't have enough juice to run it?
Any help would be appreciated.

PSU: corsair 620 HX (620 watts)

cpu: athlon 64 x2 5400+ windsor 2.8 GHz sockrt am2 89W dual. Core.
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  1. Your PSU is perfectly fine for that card. I would make sure the card is properly seated in the PCI-E slot. It is a long card so just make sure something isn't blocking it from being seated all the way. Also, make sure each of the PCI-E power connectors in plugged in, there will be 2 of them needed. If it doesn't even POST it is likely the card is faulty. I would contact the place you bought it for a return.
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