Max safe OC settings?

What are the maximum stable settings for overclocking a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 560 Ti [ZT-50301-10M]?
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  1. It depends. Each chip is a little different, and these differences (imperfections in the chips) cause some chips to run hotter than others. The max for your system will be what you can run and not cause overheating and artifacting.
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    It varies depending on the individual card. Get a stress-testing program like Furmark or Kombustor and try it out. Work your way up in the core clock first, then in the memory once you've found the highest core clock you can handle. Test each setting for at least 10 minutes, and at least half an hour on the last test, when you're going to call it quits, to make sure you're solid. Don't overvolt.
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  4. Oh, and you should be handling your OC with EVGA Precision.
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