Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H and AMD Phenom II x6


im buying these together, im worried the bios versions wont be F8 which support the hex cores.

and what options do i have if it not upto date.
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  1. sorry double post
  2. If the mobo doesn't have the F8 BIOS (I assume you researched and identified the most current BIOS version) one of 2 things will happen. The mobo may not boot at all, in which case you would need a compatible processor in order to update the BIOS.


    The mobo may boot, but may not recognize all 6 cores. In that case, update the BIOS to achieve full capability.

    Those are pretty much all of the options. Good luck!
  3. ok cheers, is there any risk of damage to the cpu if it doesnt boot?
  4. Not really. You should be fine.
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