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I recently purchased and attempted(?) to install a Scythe Mugen 2 Cooler on my PhenomII X3. I installed it according to the instructions the cooler came with, but the screws connecting the backplate to the mounting clips werent long enough, so i had to loosen the mounting clips in order to move the mounting clips so that they could reach the backplate.

All in all, it doenst seem like a correct installation, even though I followed the instructions. My CPU temps are pretty nice, running 37C under load, but I'm afraid the 0.8kg monster of a heatsink will fall and crush my graphics card.

Any tips? I haven't heard any stories of heatsinks crushing graphics cards, but it definitely feels pretty dangerous :[
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    Well, if everything is attached and feels solid, you're probably okay. A heatsink falling off can certainly cause a lot of problems (motherboard short, damage anything it hits, CPU overheat).

    You could try to install it again. Perhaps look for longer screws of the same size to use instead of the provided ones.
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