Should I overclock my i5 2500k?


I'm not a gamer and am wondering if I should overclock my i5 2500k. I've got the stock CPU cooler and I just noticed that my ASUS utility Suite has the option to "overclock" the CPU slightly. Would I get any benefit using the ASUS suite? Can I damage the CPU? Should I bother?
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  1. This answers a question I had in the other thread, actually (about if you were using the stock cooler), but no, you shouldn't OC with the stock cooler. It's adequate for stock speeds, but not for overclocking.

    Secondarily, you should never use software to OC (or use the Auto OC in the BIOS). Always OC manually with the settings in the BIOS.
  2. My question is why would you purchase a "K" chip if you aren't going to overclock?
  3. Seconded for not Overclocking, If you aren't CPU speed limited in what you do It only serves to kill your CPU a little faster.

    If you are pegging your CPU you would probably know it. Things like Video editing/Graphics editing/ general number crunching etc. might warrant overclocking but if you aren't sure don't bother overclocking.

    If you are curious you can try overclocking it (in the BIOS of course) and see if it makes any difference and turning it off when you are done. It's an interesting thing to try. Look for a good guide for your CPU/motherboard line and see what setting are recommended.
  4. ahnilated said:
    My question is why would you purchase a "K" chip if you aren't going to overclock?

    Because it's a good chip and I didn't want to spend the extra for the i7. The i2500k is plenty fast for my needs. I suppose I could've gotten the plain i52500.
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