GTX 460 with only 1 PCI-E port?

I bought another GTX 460 1GB 256-bit card in order to run in SLi and I noticed that this new one I bought(got it on ebay) only has 1 PCI-E power port on it. My other has two. I checked with GPU-Z and verified the graphics card has the same specs except for 1 thing. It's underclocked by about 25MHz on the core clock and 50MHz on the memory. I still haven't tested them in SLI.. Don't even know if they will work in SLI.
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  1. It should be fine... the new 460 probably has a more efficient board. As long as you clock the two cards the same, SLI should still work okay between them. You won't harm anything trying it out at least.
  2. OEM card, the kind you would find in a Dell or HP system
    Has a lower voltage than the reference card, don't know if the 2 are compatible for SLI
  3. I would still think they'd work so long as they can stay cool enough and get clocked the same... small hardware difference shouldn't hurt anything (though it's not optimal for best performance). I'd watch it carefully with a hardware monitor.
  4. So far I can't get them to run in SLI. Apparently my motherboard is only crossfire compatible. I've been trying the hyper sli patch but I still can't get it to work. The Nvidia control panel is showing 2x Geforce GTX 460 on the main page but no sli options anywhere. My motherboard is Asrock 880G Pro3.

    Running the other 460 as a physX card gives me a huge boost in Batman Arkham City. Basically it doubles my performance when running PhysX.
  5. I just ran overclocking tests on the new GTX 460 and I was able to get a maximum stable overclock of 835MHz on the core. It was rock solid at that clock. I clocked the memory to 2002MHz. I didn't really try to push the memory any further. This is a Dell OEM card. I'm very surprised at the overclocking results. I think it's impressive for a card that requires less power and has locked voltages. My other GTX 460 overclocked to 850MHz core and 2002MHz memory. I didn't try to push it any further but I do believe it could have went a little higher.
  6. I was able to get these card working in SLI. All I needed to do was install "DifferentSLI 301.42 modded driver." Then it worked. It's working amazingly well. I'm getting crazy high framerates in everything. It's amazing for such a cheap upgrade.
  7. Good to hear they worked well... Wasn't sure of the rest of your hardware, but I had a friend recently purchase two 460's without remembering his board didn't support sli... but used similar modded drivers to get them running on his amd board. I was surprised to see it was all software based, or at least able to be resolved through software... anyway, glad to see it's working!
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