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OK, well i build a new pc and I am running xfx 4890 graphics card. What seems to happen is when I try to out minimize a game, League of Legends I would get a black screen and I would have to manually reboot my pc. I tried installing the new drivers and it fixes the problem but when I reboot my pc it happens again. So then i tried uninstalling my driver, booting my pc in safe mode and drive clean, then reinstalling it again. The same problem occurs. I haven't overclocked this graphic cards and left it on the settings it came with. If addition information is required, like a dxdiag file or something, please tell me? Also I already tried the 9.12 hotfix with it but the same problem still occurs.
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  1. I feel its the drawback of the game and not the driver...
  2. hmm then how come when i stream video's online and run it on full screen sometimes it'll say the "driver clash and has just recovered" and also that whenever i install the driver it'll work without rebooting, then when i reboot my pc the black screen happens for the game.
  3. boot in safe mode, unistall any and all video drivers, run driver sweeper, reboot into safemode and reinstall drivers
  4. which version of windows are you using??check that whether the driver you are using is compatible with your os...folow the steps told by 505090...I feel if it is not win7 then cat ver 9.8 would be best for 4890...9.8 is the fasted driver till date for a 4890
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