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I have just put together a new pc (using some old parts) and it just won't start. The new build consists of a motherboard + memory + cpu and the remains from my old pc: sata drive, psu and dvd drives etc.

I was wondering if the reason the PC won't start is because the power supply is too weak. It says it's a 450 watt. I was told in the store that it was probably ok to runmy new gear on about 350w - 400w although the manual for the mobo says 5oow.
When I plugin it in and switch it on at the back nothing happens and when I switch it on at the front the fans pop on for a second and then off.

My mobo: Gigabyte h55-ud3h with core i5 661

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    450W ought to be enough to power your system. You are using onboard graphics then I'm assuming and don't have a dedicated graphics card? Are you 100% sure that your PSU is in working order?

    Follow the instructions outlines in the guide linked to below and post back. Good luck!
  2. 1. Check.
    2. Check
    3. Check
    4. No video card
    5. No video card
    6. Check, no change. (using UMAX DDR3-1333 2gb x2)
    7. Check
    8. Check (slots one and three), tried them both separately for the hell of it.
    9. Check
    10. Check
    11. Didn't use arctic silver because there was already something on my i5 chip
    12. Check
    13. Check
    14. Check
    15. Check
    16. Check (doesn't stay on long enough to beep)
    17. YEAH! Don't know what I did wrong last time but the problem seems to be fixed now.

    Great list thanks. I was 99% sure the PSU was ok because I put the old mobo back in and could boot up.

    Thank you very much. I may just get to bed before the sun comes up thanks to you. (Depends how long windows 7 takes to install though.)
  3. Not a problem mate! We both know you're gonna install Win7 before bed-time...that's the nature of the beast ;) Happy computing!
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