Dvd will not play dvd movies

I have a new Dell DVD R-RW driver installed in my Dimension 3000, XP. It reads and writes to CD's, plays music CD's, but will not play video DVD's.
When video DVD disc is installed, seems to load up OK, but at last moment, "Windows media player" screen pop's up with the following message:
"Cannot play this DVD, there is a problem with digital copy protection between DVD drive, decoder, and video card, try updated driver for video card."
NOTE - I have the latest video card driver installed in my system.
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    One thing, will not play all formats or only a certain format?
    well, u can try another version of the video driver (a lower one)
    But first try a different player from the bunch that's out there.
    And try updating your codec pack. I don't know what codec pack U use. I use K-lite codec pack.
    (U can Enable all filters, detect boken, bla,bla,bla... to try and solve it)

  2. Thank you me 1

    Downloaded K-lite codec pack 910 (full) and now plays video DVD's.
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  4. I'm glad to hear that. Enjoy your videos!

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