What hardware configuration is suggested in running SQL server 2008?

Running SQL Server 2008 Ent Edition on Server 2003 SP2, Dell Poweredge 2600 Server, 2.4 GHz Xeon Single Processor 1.0 GB Ram, SCSI HDD RAID 0 with static IP.
Currently SQL Server handles about 5000 I/O operations per seconds, have notice that CPU remains at 100% while processing queries, what kind of hardware changes are suggested in this type of scenario? or what is the best hardware configuration to run this SQL Server?
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    Before considering an upgrade, first check if you really need one. Shouldn't servers constantly run at high CPU loads? And are there any processes you should shut down for the sake of efficiency?

    Whatever the case, you can upgrade your Xeon into those newer Gulftown numbers (not sure if they fit your mobo's current socket though), and add more RAM for starters.
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