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I have 2x5870 in crossfire at 1920x1080 resolution. I had the card in slot 1 hook to monitor with hdmi. I noticed at the start of fear 2 before it got to the game screen that it had faint lines going up and down the screen like it was scanning. I mean it wasnt bad but I could see them. I decided to hook up the dvi cable to see what happened. The lines went away and gave perfect video at the start of the game. I thought there wasn't any difference in hdmi and dvi besides that hdmi carries audio??

Also do I need a video cable hooked up to the second card? I just use 1 monitor.
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  1. Also my monitor is 23.6 inch Asus VH242.
  2. It is likely that the hdmi cable you were using, or the port itself, is simply flawed in some way.

    The signal is identical for hdmi or dvi.
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