Need advice for an unlocked phenom ii x2 550 BE

Hi !
I am in the process of unlocking my Phenom ii x2 550. After I enabled all items in the bios, I ran mprime (I am running ubuntu) for 10 seconds before it shut down. I saw my temp reaching 69, so I guess it must be a temperature shut down.

Now I am planning to buy a after market cooler - would the CM Hyper 212 Evo suffice? It is available in India and it is affordable. I am just worried if it would be enough for me. I also would be trying to OC to 3.8 at least (no clue how to do this but I am determined to try!!).

My ambient temp would be 35+, it is pretty hot out here and no air conditioning.
So considering all this can I invest in that cooler or do I need to consider something else? Please, please respond - I will be able to take a decision based on your response :)

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  1. Hi

    The Cooler Master 212 EVO is a great cooler and im sure you'll have no temperature problems with it as long as you dont go over 1.5V.

    You might have a problem reaching 3.8 ghz though.Remember that if your chip could clock as well as a Phenom II X4 it would have been sold as a Phenom II X4.My point is that you'll easily reach 3.8GHZ if you only use two cores, but with four... it will be hard.
  2. Kamen_bg,
    Thanks, I was zeroing in on that only until I read this:
    which prompted me to start this new thread.
    Can you elaborate on the unlocking?

    If possible can you visit: where dalmvern is helping me oc.

    Are you saying it is better to do oc with 2 cores rather than with 4?

    I am a little confused now - I thought unlocking 4 cores and then oc ing would result in better results. Now I am not so sure.

    The whole impetus behind getting a cooler was the unlocking though I am sure oc would also need it.

    Can you please elaborate on this whole thing, would be much obliged.

  3. some tell you 2cores better oc if your cpu can't be unlocked to 4cores/3cores, .. Also you know some chip 555BE had bad one core it cause unstabillity overclock. Unlocked 4cores + oc will better and ran hotter than 2cores. it makes big different perform.
  4. Great, that is the path I want to take - unlock the 4 cores and do oc, thanks then :)
  5. What about the cooler I am thinking of?
    My idle temps are around46 given that ambient is around 35-38. Please let me know about the cooler, I am really worried that I might get one that is not right
  6. What computer case do you have? The Hyper 212 is massive. It barely fits in one of my cases and the case is 7.5 inches across the top. You need a case that is atleast 7.5" or 19.1 centimeters for this cooler.
  7. I have a cooler master elite cabinet. Unfortunately I am able to get no other information out of it.
    I just measure the cabinet and I have no more than 18 cm (I am assuming you are referring to the width of the cabinet).
    Other suggestions
  8. Figure out which CM elite case you have from the following link and then look at the case specs toward the bottom for maximum CPU cooler height. Based on that spec, you can find a good cooler.
  9. Larkspur,
    Much obliged. I did go into the CM site to figure it out but I never got to an elite series link. Thats how bad I am, must sound like a real lame excuse. Apologies for not doing the obvious.

    Thanks for the link - I found I am with the Elite 330 which leaves me with
    CPU cooler height: 163mm / 6.4 inch

    So 212 is out by stickg1's reply.

    Can you please give me some recommendations? I really dont know what good. I will keep my search on anyway.

  10. Larkspur, stickg1
    Just checked the hyper 212 evo site:
    That says dimension is
    120 x 80 x 159 mm (4.7 x 3.1 x 6.3 in)
    So if my cabinet says CPU cooler height: 163mm / 6.4 inch , it should fit right? Am I missing a dimension? LOL
  11. The CM hyper 212 EVO is 159mm "tall". Sounds like it will fit to me.
  12. Yeah sir ! Sounds like a close fit but should be ok.
    One last thing - India is a very hot place and I got no air conditioning. My ambient is 35-38 and hence my idle is 44-46, this cooler should still fit the bill right?
  13. Wow, 35c inside your house?

    Coolers are measured by the peak temperature that they allow the CPU to reach above ambient. Here is a great list of coolers from early 2010 (note the temps above ambient) :,2535-14.html

    When you start with 35c ambient you are already 15c higher than most people who OC. I actually have a hard time recommending OCing your chip if those are really your ambient temps, I'm not sure you'll get much you'll need to keep the volts as low as possible for sure. Maybe you should still get the EVO, and just focus on getting 4 cores at stock clocks to run stably. There's no guarantee that they are all good cores.
  14. Larkspur,
    Couple of things - I might be off by 5 degrees or so, guess I am playing it safe by giving more headroom. But it is at a minimum 30 degrees out here.
    As per your link looks like the NH-D14 is a good one to buy but I am sure my cabinet will present issues. Even the Thermalright’s MUX-120 looks good. But like you said I think the EVO should do.

    You are worrying me by not wanting to recommend OCing to me :(
    Given that my HD Radeon 6670 did not resolve the problem I have to OC, I dont want to buy a new cpu.

    Please clarify one thing - when I did activate all cores and just used my system regularly without any stress testing, all was ok. Does this not seem to point towards 4 good cores?

    As per your advice in the other thread I will post all the specs. Shall I do it in that thread or should I start a new one?
  15. Also thermal right's venomous x has good reviews. But do I have to buy the fan separate? God, this is all so confusing :(
  16. cannon_dt said:
    As per your advice in the other thread I will post all the specs. Shall I do it in that thread or should I start a new one?

    Well, I think you've asked the right questions in the right forums, however your questions have involved getting more performance from your CPU which is good, but might not accomplish enough to solve your problem.

    The problem occurs when gaming and trying to capture video which is a very stressful task for a computer system from many different angles (CPU, ram, video card, storage system). I would think a post in the systems forum listing your exact system and the problem with the exact games and capture/editing software that asks how you could upgrade/improve the system to solve your problem. It would also be helpful to know what resolution you are trying to game/capture and what your fps is when not capturing. How do you know your video card isn't the bottleneck? A 6670 is limited in what it can do.

    Back to this thread's topic - Given your high ambient it would be good to get a better cooler. I don't think you should spend more money than an EVO costs. You can probably run a mild OC, but forget 4ghz, your high ambient is going to take away that headroom. Before OCing make sure those 2 unlocked cores are stable. Set the clocks/voltage to stock settings and run all four cores through prime. It needs to pass prime with all 4 cores at stock clocks to be a successful unlock of cores.
  17. You could get the Evo's little brother, the TX3. I have one in one of my systems, it works much better than a stock cooler, especially if you get a 2nd fan to mount on the other side of it.
  18. OK sir, I will start a new thread on the systems forum.
    Please see - I got good feedback before zeroing in on the 6670. If that is a limitation now, I would be really sad :( :(

    I will stick to the EVO and see how things go, how mild a target do you set for me? 3.5 or thereabouts?
    I have not done any changes to my BIOS now - so once I get the cooler installed I will work on testing all 4 cores.

    BTW, one other issue I have is that I run ubuntu. IN that, there is a confusion with the temperature monitor. I use an app called gkrellm but it reports 2 temperatures which both apparently correspond to the CPU temp - there is a 6-7 degree difference there - one reports 44 while the other reports 37. As per my question to the ubuntu community they are confirming that the 37 is the reading to consider. That does brighten up things a bit :)
  19. Overclocking and unlocking cause stress. Unlocking and trying to get to 3.8 on is the 550 be is most likely not going to happen. getting to 3.6 on all 4 will most likely be your limit. I had a 555be unlock and it only reached 3.6 on all 4 and 3.9 on 2 cores.
  20. cannon_dt said:

    So sorry - didn't know about that thread that would have done it. Ok yeah, so minecraft! The 6670 is fine, no problems there, I imagine it runs fine without recording.

    For recording you need more CPU cores/frequency so get the EVO, stick it in there, unlock the extra two cores, run them at stock clocks and test in prime. If you indeed have 4 stable cores then proceed to OC while carefully monitoring your temps.

    And regarding your temps - I read that unlocking the cores disables some of the thermal sensors and thus could be part of your temperature monitoring issues beyond just Linux:
  21. @stickg1
    Thanks for the suggestion but looks like my ambients are bad enough. Need a good cooler and I think I will stick to the 212 evo as it should fit.
    Will keep that in mind while I try the whole stunt. Thanks for the information
  22. cannon_dt said:
    Thanks for the suggestion but looks like my ambients are bad enough. Need a good cooler and I think I will stick to the 212 evo as it should fit.
    Will keep that in mind while I try the whole stunt. Thanks for the information

    There are some good down blowing coolers out there too that aren't very tall. I'll post some links when I get to my computer.
  23. @larkspur
    My ubuntu temp monitoring is without enabling 4 cores. Plain stock dual core operations - unlike windows there is no one easy monitoring tool that shows accurate reliable information.
    Just now (I switch on ac for an hour in my room) - I noticed one value (CPU temperature) at 44 while the temp1 (which is also supposed to point to cpu temp) read 33 - thats a eleven degree difference. So the whole thing is a little confusing and there is no one who can resolve this or at least clarify as to which one I should consider. Thats another problem I am facing :(
  24. @stickg1 Thanks a ton, that would always help
  25. cannon_dt said:
    @stickg1 Thanks a ton, that would always help

    COOLER MASTER GeminII S524 120mm

    Scythe SCSK-1100 100mm Shuriken

    Those are my two favorite downblowing coolers.
    I'm just worried about the 212 fitting in your case, I have a case that is 7.5 inches wide and my 212 Evo is 1/8th inch from the side panel. If my case were any smaller I wouldn't be able to close the side panel.
  26. @stickg1
    Well, I think my luck is getting close to hitting rock bottom. I live in India where it is not easy for me to procure the items you see in new egg.
    In my list of online vendors out here, none of them have either of what you have suggested. I found the Sycthe at but he quotes 4 times the price of what new egg quotes. That I dont think is a fair price to pay :(
  27. @Stickg1
    You can check the below out:
    If you click on CPU Coolers (28) at the left bottom you can see a list of the choice I would generally have here. That can probably help you make a suggestion :)
  28. Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO

    This cooler works better with a 2nd 92mm fan mounted on it. I can't find any 92mm fans on the website. It would be best to have two identical fans. Find something like an Antec Tri-Cool 92mm fan in your area and buy two of them. The TX3 comes with the parts to mount this second fan on the cooler. You want the fans both blowing in the same direction towards the exhaust fan on your case.

    <-----[exhaust fan]<------[CPU FAN #2]<-----[CPU COOLER]<-----[CPU FAN #1]<--------
  29. All right, I will give that a shot.
    But tell me this sir - if I can convince my dealer to give me the 212 and return it back to him if it does not fit, then it is best to go with that right?
    Just to hunt for all these items might be just that much more difficult. If that cm hyper 212 fits, I should be ok right?
  30. If you can return it if it doesn't fit then definitely go for the 212.
  31. All righty, will strike that deal. Will promise the guy I will buy the another cooler from him anyway !!!
    Thanks for all the help and patience :)
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