Cant get Raid0 install with win7 64

I have a Foxconn A7DA(-S) v3.0 mb and 4 W/D 10K raptors & a AMD 1100T 3.3 cpu . I've been trying to install a raid0 on board and on a PCI card and neither will work.

The error I get when installing to the MB is that I have a RAID error and its not recognized. It show like I have 4 HD's instead of 2 HD's which is all I have the SATA cables connected to. I have also went into the MB bios and under "integrated peripherals" / "native IDE" I selected RAID and it fails to let me install or go any further.

I also added a PCI Raid card that has the Sil image 3512 driver set and I used the mini disc that was included with the card to install the drivers and selected the "Win7 ext64" drivers and let them install and it says then to use the "load drivers" option on the Win7 install cd to add SIGNED x86 & x64 drivers which I assume they are off this cd that camewith PCI card. I then remove mini disc and put win7 install back in and hit "refresh" and 138G of unallocated disk space shows up and the next button is available so I hit it and Win 7 installs fine .......UNTIL....the 1st reboot.....then when it boots again it gets hung on the opening of the windows. Upon restarting of the system I get the "Windows ...Start Normally /safe mode?last known config" screen which I have chose all three and still no results.

I hope I explained this well enough. Please note that I have been able to install Win 7 Ultimate on 2 drives on this with no issues but cant do a raid config. I need a raid config for my gaming and the other drives can simply be a non-raid config
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  1. Are the 2 HD that are connected to the motherboard been partioned previously? Did you use the RAID configuration on the MB to build a Raid 0 array? There should be a key combination at boot Ctrl +I or something to set the Raid up. Prior to trying to install Windows 7.
  2. Yes I followed the directions in the booklet that accompanied the motherboard. I previously used Partition Commander 11 to delete the partitions and leave the drives clean. its my understanding that Win7 will make its own partition as needed. I could be wrong. I'm an XP guy and Win 7 is new to me
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