Cases similar to antec p180/182/183

So like the title says are there any alternative (and hopefully cheaper) cases that have the similar minimalist design of the antec p180/182/183 (maybe the quietness, but the design more of an issue)

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  1. Hi Neraken,

    Are you experiencing problems with the Antec P series? If so, please let us know so we could help you resolve this issue. We have a new cases coming up next month, the lanboy air and the dark fleet cases. Please let me know if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.

  2. Hi Antec_rep, am on kind of a low budget. Are there any gaming cases avilable for under $70 with good airflow and 120mm fans??
  3. Antec has the "two hundred" and "Three hundred" which are both good gaming cases with good airflow. Newegg sells an "antec 300 illusion" model which includes the two optional front fans and is a great deal when on sale.
  4. I probably worded my post wrong so I would like to correct this

    I like the design of the p180s but unfortunately my budget for my new computer cant have a computer case over $120

    Is there any case (maybe the new antec series? :D) that feature a sleek outer shell, maybe a door (but not a deal breaker) and have the ports on top?
  5. That would be the antec 300 or antec "two hundred".
  6. Neraken: Have you checked out the Antec Solo? It has quite a few features of the p180 series and it also has a suspension HD mounting system to minimize noise. For my money, I still think the p183 is better (better cooling etc), but you may want to give the solo a look. And I think the finish is glossy black like the sonata series. I think did a decent review of them. Come to think of it, their front page article is a cheaper version similar to the 180 series although they say the build quality of Antec is hard to beat. Its by some company in Europe called fractal. here's a link:

    Antec_Rep: I'm also looking to buy a case for a new computer. Like many others I fell in love with the Sonata line. I have bought several of them in the past but they've housed older computers for me. I am building a new one with a 5770 and I hear there may be a squeeze in space with the sonata III/elite..Are there going to be any new sonata type cases released soon? What heading will the dark fleet cases fall under (gaming, performance, sonata)? Will they use that SOLO HD suspension system?
  7. Do you mean a 5870? The 5770 is a short card (shorter than the motherboard) and I cant see how a sonata would have problems with it. The Sonata might needs some dremeling (as would and antec 200 or 300) to fit an 11 inch 5870.
  8. I guess I didn't do enough research! I meant the 5770 but I suppose I still do want to future proof for longer cards. Are there any new, larger sonatas in the pipeline?
  9. If they made a "larger sonata" they would probably call it something else.

    The sonata should hold a 5770 or 5850. People buying the more expensive large cards are generally expected to buy full towers like the 1200.

    Here is a link to all of antecs cases. There are multiple sonata models
  10. Starges said:
    Hi Antec_rep, am on kind of a low budget. Are there any gaming cases avilable for under $70 with good airflow and 120mm fans??

    Hi Starges,

    A few months ago, Newegg had the P180 for $50. If you are not in a rush for a case, I'd definitely wait. If you need the case asap, I suggest maybe an Antec 900. I've been seeing the price dropping on the 900 since we have a newer 902 model. The 900 has a lot of 120mm fans and good airflow. I think the 900 is priced somewhere between $90-$110? Antec 300 is also a decent case, if you plan on buying the 300, I would recommend buying the one with the two fans in the front panel. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  11. If anyone have Microcenter nearby and needs a case, I believe the 902 is Microcenter's is deal of the day. Right now they have the price at $100, but they will update the price early Friday morning so I'm thinking maybe $80? :)
  12. I do not live in the US so am also looking at shipping costs. Thanks anyway antec_rep. :D
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