Hi all, I need to know which one of these will be best for video editing and a lot of photo editing some 3D. Please no other video card suggestions just need to know which of these are best has to I have no knowledge of these darn things!
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  1. I'd say the 240 cause it has more memory, but I don't know a whole lot about video editting so I could be way off base here.
  2. both of them are good, since it only for video editing and no gaming at all... :)
    If i were u, i would choose GTX 260.
  3. 240 does not have a 256bit mem interface
    not that it matters either way if your not playing games you are wasting money
  4. sorry I misread
  5. i got a GTS 250 in my rig, and iv done editing with Adobe Premiere cs4 with no problems.... my rig stats are in my profile
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