Patriot G Series Sector 5 2x2 gb ram 1333

Has anyone had problems with Patriot G Series sector 5 ram with their AMD Socket AM3 motherboards? I have an ASUS M4A88T-M board with AMD Phenom ii x2 BE chip. When I have both sticks installed, windows 7 64 bit blue screens, when only 1 stick in it works fine. Anyone have a solution or ideas about what might be going on? I can only think it's the RAM because apparently it's designed and tested for Intel Chipsets, but I read in forums that people have no problems with it on their AMD builds.
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  1. Try installing both sticks in the blue slots only, then both in the black and see if that helps.
  2. Thanks for you response Lmeow. I tried that, but still get blue screened. I tried each stick by itself and they work fine solo, so I presume its conflict with either the hardware or I have to tweak my bios settings, which I'm not experienced with. I'm going to buy what's on the approved vendors list for my MOBO.
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