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B55 Temp Monitoring

I have Amd Phenom II X2 555 CPU on a GB GA-MA785-US2H DDR2 mobo. i have had successfull Unlock to a B55 CPu using ACC.
but the trouble is i dont have anything to monitor the CPU Temps while its running in Quad mode. I have already tried the following softwares to monito the temps.
Coretemp, HWMonitor, HWinfo32, Real Temp, Everest, Speedfan. I simply dont get the temps for the 4 cores. or any CPU related temps and have to rely on the mobo temps which r different then the actual core temps.
My desktop is housed inb a place with ambient temps ranging from 25c - 38c over the 24hours. and we have a prediction for very hot summer. in this temp conditions I am using my older AMD Athlon X2 3600+ cooler as this ones seems to give me lower temps then the stock phenom cooler while in dual core mode. at stock speeds and @ 1.25v with CnQ ON, my idle temps range from 34c to 39c. and load temps range from 40c - 50c. I have 3, 80 mm fans cooling my case. I am currently afraid to run on the Quad core mode because of lack of temprature monitoring. If someone here has any solution for this issue then it would be very helpful to everyone here.
ps: my Desktop runs 24 hrs a day on a daily basis. I use it to keep 5 FF windows running with high Quality Flash applications and a Opera window with anywhere from 8 to 20 Tabs constantly. all this runs about 5 - 40 % cpu usage and about 80% of 2GB ddr2 667 Ram.
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  1. With unlocking cores, you will no longer be able to monitor temperatures I'm pretty sure. I would feel the heatsink to compare if I were you. Watch the temps on dual core mode while feeling the heatsink. Then go into quad mode and feel the difference. It's all I can really suggest.
  2. It seems to me that I may have to Rig something up as an external temprature monitor for the cpu. and get a better Cooling.(Hyper 212+)
    It seems to me that while disabling the underrated cores AMD purposely disables the Temp Monitors on those Cores.
    Also after using his CPU and reading so many different reviews for a clue to this puzzle, I have found some things that intrigue me.
    1. the way AMD is manufacturing the Phenom II Lineup is make a whole bunch of CPUs without any specifications and then send them on for testing.
    If they are working within certain parameters then name them Phenom II X4 965 BE. if not then reduce the default multiplier to 16 and name them 955 BE. if they r not working freely or OCing properly at default voltages then lock the multiplier and name them 950. and so on and so forth.
    If some cores are not working then create a new lineup by disabling the cores and calling them X3s and X2s.
    Ditto for its Athlon II lineup
    well from my point of view this an exellant example of want not waste not and/or recycle. i Mean using this method AMD ensure minimal wastage of resources. and truly meaning its GREEN Logo.
    from another more popular point of view(Intel) it seems as if AMD does not know how to make each and individual Processor upto its precise requirements. (who knows what method Intel uses, as I must confess that i have not bothered to readup any of the Intel specific reviews except AMD vs Intel lineup reviews..)

    well what AMD truly needs is another huge success (the initial Athlon days) of its own making and its own innovation to again create something that can beat the pants out of Intel and again heatup the competition. because curretly it seems to me that below $200 market is ruled by AMD and Intel seems to be making blind profit in $200 above ranges as there is no one to compare against the 1366 based CPUs.

    well thats all for my AMD vs Intel Rant.
    I will try to rig something for the temp monitoring and post it here.
    if not i may have sacrifice the 2 cores for the duration of the hot weather. ( it was 36c yesterday at noon. and my cpu was running @dual core @ 44c. therefore i cant risk going blind on the sensors. because 35 - 60 % load seems to be average on CPU but there a few minutes where the cpu load jumps to 100%. at that time the temp reaches 48 - 50c. it may be safe to assume that in Quadcore mode the temps will be 3-5c more then what they r in dual mode.
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    yes you can monitor the temps, individual core temp is disabled but you can see your CPU temp, here is an example :

    x4 B50 @ 4Ghz :

    use speedfan or everest ;)
  4. well SpeedFan and Everst do work, but I have found that there is disparity between the CPU temp and the actual core temp of nearly 5-8c.
    In the end we are all here because we are using the CPU to do something it was not meant to do as per AMD specification. so I am just wondering how long will take someone to crack this part of the puzzle. I myself am no programmer or engineer. so I cant answer that question. but i am sure that there must be something that makes it possible to get those Core temperatures.
  5. Core temp is meaningless since you will always have one core warmer than the other. If you go by your overall CPU temp you will be fine, trust me I have been using this x2 550 unlocked for over 5 months pushing it to its limits. As long as you keep you CPU temp below 60c you are fine.

    Once you unlock there is no way of knowing your individual core temp because the sensor is disabled. Once you lock it back up the sensor goes back to normal.
  6. Ok then I will be doing it as you say and monitor the CPu temps regardless of the core temps.
    today in dual core mode my core temps as shown by HMmonitor reached 56c. so it means that i definetly need to buy an Aftermarket cooler. as my loads are in the range of 35 -70%.
    so I will modify this thread and invite some recommendations for a good cooler. my Case dimensions mean that i cant have a cooler that is more then 160mm in height.
    my case width is 165mm.
    and my budget for the cooler is 20 - 40$. i need a good one that can easily handle the B55 and can be ready for any future upgrade.
    I have my eye on the CM 212+ and CM Hyper TX3. this both fit in my budget and my case. and are readily available here in Mumbai, India.
    if there are any other options available then i would definetly welcome them as CM performances rate the coolers at best mid range. but for the price they seem to be the best.
    so please help me out.
    also any suggestions for a DDR2 Ram upgrade?
    I have 2 modules 1 @ DDR2 667 and 1 @ DDR2 800.
    currently operating at 800mhz, 5-5-5-15.
    and i have 4 case fans currently working overtime. i need to reconfigure them in best possible push pull set up.
    thank for all your suggestions, and more help is required.
  7. What you need is good cable management making sure the airflow is as unristricted as possible. The 212+ is a superb cooler, specially for unlocked CPU's.

    Front fans are always used as intakes unless your case has reverse airflow, rear fans are normally used as exhausts.

    As far as your memory goes, I would opt for two identicle sticks, having mismatched modules may bottleneck the desired overclock.

    What case are you currently using?
  8. its a Circle Case( i think its some local brand. bought 4 yrs back.) very sturdy and has good airflow. a fan in the front (3.5" bay) space for two fans at the rear. also included a Exhaust for the AMD stock coolers.(just above the CPU. only a pipe no FAN)
    the PSU is a 400W VIP. its an after market and has served me well for last 4 yrs.
    takes the load of Phenom II + GB GA-MA785-US2H mobo, EVGA 9600GSO 384. + 1 sata hdd and 1 IDE hdd. i DVDRW. all in all its good enough for now, but for OC to 4.0G + i may need to buy another.

    i need to look into cable management as currently the whole mid part of the case is covered in cables. it has some air flow but seems to be hindering me.
    will work on it tommorrow.
    I am going to buy the Cooler tommorrow,
    i may go for 212+ but TX3 is still in the consideration.
    what difference can i expect AMD Stock cooler vs 212+?
    currently i am using my old Athlon X2 cooler as it is better built then the new AMD cooler and the old Fan is wonderfull.
    the new Fan is a very high RPM fan. tends to run nearly 5000 - 6200 RPM. on PWM.
    VOl is always 6100~ RPM.
    i need some instruction on the OC part.
    currently i am using the cpu at 3.6Ghz by upping the mul to 18. i have lowered the voltage from the stock 1.35v to 1.25v. and CnQ is also on along with C1E.
    this gives me good power manage ment along with high performance when needed.
    i have tested the CPU @ 3.8GHz but anything over that and i get BSOD.
    even when increasing the vol to 1.35v, 1.375v.
    i tested the NB @ 2200 it was stable but did not make any difference in the OC. it seems that 3.8 is my threshold.
    if you have any advice on it then please hlp me out. i am not familiar with the NB settings and that seems to be the problem
    on the otherhand it could be my memory that is causing the bottleneck. ( i am pretty sure its this one) so till i get some better memory i am stuck @ 3.8Ghz. oh well its still way more then i use at any time.
    also for memory shoul i go with DDR2 800 or the DDR2 1066 ?
    my mobo supports the 1066 one, but from what i have seen DDR2 1066 seem to be mostly overclocked versions of the DDR2 800. and tend to have slower timings and need more voltage.
  9. First get the cooler and then we can go ahead and overclock. My suggestion to you is to invest in a new case if possible, you can get a great case with plenty of airflow for around 50.00$.

    The 212+ is in a league of its own if you can get it for 30.00$ or less. If not there are other choices as well.

    You should se around 10-15 degree difference when comparing the stock vs. aftermarket. It all depends on your airflow/cable management and ambient temp.

    Make sure you look at the motherboard QVL list before you purchase the RAM, 1066Mhz would be preferred but 800Mhz will do just fine. I would go with a set of
    2x 2Gb 800 or 1066Mhz. Stay away from OCZ if you plan on getting 1066Mhz.

    1066Mhz is really 800Mhz designed to run at higher speeds with a voltage increase (unless you buy low volt modules). So to sum it up there is barely any difference in speed when comparing both. G.Skill makes top notch 800Mhz modules (blue spreaders). Hope this helps =)
  10. On the disabled core phenom I models the "core" temp isn't disabled, but it under reports by about 20C it seems. It reflects the "whole cpu" temp activity nicely on speedfan chart, just hovers consistently 20C below it.
  11. well i have not yet bought the 212+, as most of the traders here are selling the older 212 at very high rates($50+) it seems there is only one distrubutor for coolermaster products and he doesnt have 212+.

    have to wait a while it seems...
    in the mean time i will wait for a either a change in weather (currently ambient temps hover @ 38c in the afternoon and it will get worse) or untill I get some air conditioning.

    thank you for all off your help
    if some one finds some way of enabling the disabled temp sensors while the Phenom II X2 is in X4 mode then please make post here...
  12. My advice to you is the following :

    If you want to run your x2 as an x4 then leave the multiplier alone, don't overclock until you get a new cooler. The B55 runs hot with the stock cooler and like you said if ambient temps are in the 38c arena it will only make things worse. There are other choices as well, you do not have to get the 212+. Do you have a link of a store (distributor) that has other options?
  13. hello ovcclkr,
    yeah will try that one,
    currently there are 2 options for me ,
    buy a CM hyper TX3( 212+ will not fit in my case , i measured the height from the processor base and it comes to 155mm till the lid)
    so I would have to get a new case as well.

    or get a new DDR2 Ram to reduce the bottle neck.
    Ram is giving the bottleneck. but in the last week or so the local Ram rates have more increased by upto 50%. so for this month I am adopting the policy of wait and watch.

    and as it is by the end of the month I am on a month long training visit to the USA.
    so will do the shopping there and by the time I come back the weather will be a bit cooler.

    I will be in touch before doing any shopping.

    btw i got a Acer Aspire One 0532H netbook today for my sister. It cost INR 15000. ($325).
    will be busy installing OS and all in it. it was a netbook only deal. came with linpus linux as only os. now I am aiming for Win7/ Ubuntu dual boot.

    will update later on.
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