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General question, I am going to be away for the summer and have to choose between building a gaming rig now or waiting until next November. I won't be using the computer during the summer so I guess it makes more sense to wait.

My general question is what will change between now and next November? Not being an expert in upcoming technology I have no idea if things will be better and cheaper later, or more expensive.

Anyway, anyone have any thoughts? I'm curious about the following:

I'm assuming I'll use an i5 for the build which seems to be the best present choice for all the power most gamers need at an almost reasonable price - anyone anticipating and changes in the processor lineup which might impact such a choice? Anyone expect i5 prices to be different next November?

I hear that several new technologies are on the way, will SATA 6, USB 3 and Direct X 11
be game changers or no big deal. Will I have to pay a premium for these technologies next November or will they be mainstream by then?

So I guess the overall question is whether a $1000-$1200 gaming rig budget (no including monitor) will buy me more if I wait, or will things be not that much different.

So, what will be the biggest changes comparing now and next November?



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  1. Those are currently available premium technologies that are unlikely to go up in price. If you wont use a computer for 6 months, wait to build it until you get back. You will almost always get more computer by waiting.

    Biggest changes will be Nvidia should have DX11 graphics cards out, SSDs will become affordable enough to become mainstream and there will likely be a horde of USB 3 devices available.
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