AMD Phenom II X4 955 - Overclocked Temps Safe

I've recently created a thread similar to this one with help overclocking my CPU but I've gone and done more research and with much trial and error and I've managed to reach a 3.8ghz stable with my CPU :) like 8-10 hours with Prime95 and no errors according to Prime95.
But it runs a little hot and would like some help please!

System Specs:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 (C2)
Ram: 4gb of DDR2 OCZ2RPR10662G
Motherboard: GA-MA780G-UD3H
Aftermarket Cooler: Zalman (Unsure what one sorry, lost the box ages ago, but least it's not the stock)

BIOS Settings:
Multiplier: 19x 200 (3.8ghz)
Ram: 1066mhz and EPP Voltage, Timings
HT Link: 2000
NB Freq: 2400
Core Voltage: 1.5v
CPU-NB Voltage: 1.25v
NB Voltage: Stock
SB Voltage: Stock

Anyway can someone help me figure out if these temps are safe or help me get them lower!! because I can't seem to get it stable without having Core Voltage at 1.5v which sucks because it runs hot, idle around 36-38c and when running prime I think the highest was 63c which I read is the limit or close to it.. and I've tried lowering the Core Voltage to 1.475v to maybe keep it cooler, no go it crashes in Prime95 after like 2 minutes or so.
Btw I have my NB Freq at 2400 because I read a guide somewhere saying 2400 is perfect for 3.8ghz CPU (Can anyone confirm if that is correct or would maybe 2600 or even 2800 would perform better?) with 1.25v for the CPU-NB Voltage from the same guide.
Note: It's the C2 stepping and I heard they are hotter? or don't overclock as well.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Getting a good overclocking cpu is the luck of the draw since all cpus will be different even if cut from the same silicon wafer. There are always going to be miniscule differences that will make one cpu overclock different from the next.
    If you look in the bios settings you can usually see what the thermal shut down temp is and that is what will shut the Pc down to protect the cpu. I do think that you have some room for the temps to go up and when you rum Prime95 the highest temp that you get from running it will be the highest temp that you will see because there is nothing else besides a stress test that will give you those temps. So if you see 63c from Prime then you won't see anything higher , even BF 3 won't make it that high but it will be close. If you want to try to lower the temps then you can get a better cpu cooler and maybe add some case fans , a side panel fan is a good one to add if you don't already have one.

    CORSAIR H80 (CWCH80) High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

    Using two fans , one on each side will gve you better cooling power just make sure that they are both blowing in the same direction and not at each other.

    Antec KUHLER H2O 920 Liquid Cooling System
    $99.99 and a $12 rebate making thefinal price $87.99.

    This one comes with the two fans as does the Corsair.
  2. Cheers for that information mate, so you think my Temp's are safe?
    CoreTemp/HWMonitor are what I was running for my Temps and I don't have a screenshot of my Temps because I didn't want to keep running another program while running Prime95 as I thought it might actually add to the stress while using it! BTW both Tools gave similar Temp readings.

    It didn't stay at 63c the whole time.. but it was around 55-63 like most times in Prime95 and don't have a screen of HWmonitor/coretemp because I closed those to add less stress while using Prime95 and Well it lasted 8 hours without the PC shutting it down for thermal reasons.

    also any idea about my question? with the NB Freq at 2400, is 2600 or higher a faster option for 3.8ghz?
  3. I don't know... I personally wouldn't be too happy with 63. I hear it is only technically good up to to 61. As far as NB, I believe the more the better with the x4. Look at your NB temps though. Most people say below 80c, at max.
  4. Borochadwicsays said:
    I don't know... I personally wouldn't be too happy with 63. I hear it is only technically good up to to 61. As far as NB, I believe the more the better with the x4. Look at your NB temps though. Most people say below 80c, at max.

    I'm not that happy with 63c but I don't really want to buy another cooler, I'm going to be replacing this rig with either Intel i5 or the new AMD once it's out if it's any better than BD CPU's.
    Just trying to get that bit more out of my machine ;)

    Also does HWMonitor show NB Temps? I couldn't find it..
  5. Hardware monitor does show NB temps and if you going to replace the MB and cpu then that's fine but if in the meantime you are concerned about the temps there are a few things that you can do but it's a question as to whether or not you want to spend any money at all.
    By keeping the Zalmzn cooler you can get another fan for it , one that has a higher cfm and you can also redo the thermal compound with some top quality stuff like Artic Silver 5. These are little things that you can do and each one can lower the temps by a few degrees and you nay get to a temp that you ok with.
  6. 1.5v at 3.8 is high, with 63 is not good. I have a c3 955be at 3.7 1.4v. could do 3.8 but its 85 these days were Im at. Just wait to get a new set up. Im getting an Ivy I5 soon. Oh my temps are 55 max so im a bigger coward than you. 5 case fans total.
  7. So I've changed my settings all around now..
    The CPU is at 3.7ghz instead of 3.8ghz, not sure how much that will effect my gaming performance FPS wise.
    NB freq still at 2400, is that fine for 3.7ghz?

    Voltage Settings
    - 1.4v for CPU (Was 1.5v)
    - 1.2v for NB-CPU (Was 1.25v)

    What's strange is it takes a whole .100 to get 3.8ghz stable :/
    Anyway the temps are now low to mid 30's for idle like 32-36 range and highest I seen while using Prime95 is now 53 or 52 can't remember.

    Note: I'm from Australia and it's pretty hot here most days.

    Is that better/safer now? or still too high!
  8. To me they seem very much on the low side and with an ambient temp like what you can have in Australia , so if I had your setup I would be very happy with those temps.
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