TDP question, PD 820 and Core 2 q6700

Intel recently updated their tech specs on CPUs and their q6700 went from 95-105 TDP. I know TDP doesn't matter as it is for manufacturers and their cooling solution but I plan to upgrade my system from the old PD to the new Core 2. Please help. :??:
This is the Intel site:
And this is my system:
except that I managed to up the PSU to an Antec EarthWatts 650, replaced all the DIMMs to have 3GB on all 4, and added a PNY Geforce 9400GT with 512MB VRAM.

The reason I ask is because I can't replace the BTX fan and I'm wondering if the HS&F can support the Core 2.
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  1. Do you know what motherboard you're using? A program such as Everest or Aida32 will tell you this if you're unsure. We can check the list of supported processors for your motherboard if you can get the details although it does look likely that you will be fine with that Core2 Quad to be honest since on that dell site, it does say they support a few Core2 chips. I'm not sure about your heatsink etc. though.
  2. On my Dell site it says it's a G965 and it will support the CPU, just need to find out if theHS%F will can keep up though.
  3. In anybody's opinion do you think that a massive heatsink attached to a 160mm fan is enough to dissipate the heat of a Core 2 Quad q6700?
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    To be honest if the heatsink could handle the Pentium D it will have no problems with a Q6700 the Pentium Ds ran way hotter then the core 2 so it should provide more then enough cooling for it.

    Now you are looking at the chipset of your board, that does not mean your board will run the processor it just means that the G965 chipset could run it. You have to find out if Dell wrote any support into there bios for that CPU if they didnt it will not work so if you could list the exact model of your computer so we can make sure for you. I would not recommend just getting the processor until you figure this out for sure because believe me I have done that before and it sucked.
  5. I chacked out Dell's support forum and came across this thread that said the q6700 would work, stepping unknown. I placed a link to my model on my original post. Huh, I reclicked my link but it didn't work for a moment but now it does? Just look up Dell Dimension E520, as above I upgraded almost all the components and am looking to replace the CPU, should have went for the Core 2 as it was available as an upgrade when I was customizing it.
    It's the last post on the page.
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