HD 5750 x2 vs. GeForce 9800GTx 512

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I would like to upgrade my video card from a 9800GTX 512mb to take advantage of my Asus P5Q Premium motherboard with Crossfire. However, for those familiar with the board, it only has 1 PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot. If I use both, according to the documentation, they both drop to x8.

So...here are my questions:

Assuming I buy two HD 5750 1gb cards and run them in CrossFire at x8

1. Will they greatly outperform the 9800GTX 512?
2. Is it worth doing CrossFire if they drop to x8 (in other words, would it be better to simply buy a $225 card to run at x16 vice two $150 cards running at x8?
3. Having been a long time Nvidia user because of ATI's driver support, has this improved - is it a good time to make the jump?
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  1. Easy solution. Instead of dropping $300 on (2) 5750's just get (1) 5850 and be DONE with it :D
  2. x8 crossfire is fine but jay's suggestion would be the best idea. This deal seems to still be on so get it while you can;
  3. There is also this deal which actually gives you a FREE $70 Thermaltake 600W PSU to power the card. It is a GREAT buy if you don't have the juice to power the card right now. Or HECK just to have a free PSU.
  4. That is also a nice deal but his 9800GTX actually uses a good bit more power than the HD5850 so he is set there unless he wants to upgrade it for other reasons.
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