Is my pump strong enough?

Hi everyone!

so in my upcoming build i've decided to try out watercooling. it is my first time building a custom water cooling going to do a cpu and gpu loop. im not sure thouhg if my pump is strong enough.

cpu block: xspc raystorm
gpu block: HEATKILLER GPU-X³ GTX 670
pump +res : koolance rp 985
my 2 rads: xspc ex 240

the pump im planning on getting does 7 liters per minute and has a max head pressure of 2.6 m.

would my pump be strong enough for my loop?
thanks on beforehand Jeppishh
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  1. Your pump is certainly strong enough, but you can get something about the same for less. Depends on your space restrictions.
  2. well id preferably fit stuff in my empty 5.25" bays.but still coud you give me any sugesstions on those pumps. and also any suggestions on things like the kolance rp 985 which has pump reservoir fan controller and it shows temprature all in oneor similar ones.
  3. The fan controller isn't really necessary unless you're using some of the crazy 120x38mm high speed fans (some get into the 50 dB range...) and toning down the speed.

    With regular (quieter) fans, you most likely will never use it simply because there will be no need to change the fan speed at all.

    Also, the 7 LPM pump is only 420 LPH; while that will work, most of us are running 700-1200 LPH pumps in our systems, especially with multiple blocks/rads.
  4. i guess i can do with out the fan controller but im not sure wher ei would put the pump if i have it out side the id preferbly haveit inside the res.
  5. Curious what pump it is that we're discussing?
  6. koolance rp 985 in first post I assume its that one being discussed
    @boiler, yup, two 750l's in my loop, 420l fine for Cpu only but once you add more rads/blocks that flow will plummet
  7. My fault, I must have skimmed right over that. It's been a rough day.
  8. We all have them mate :)
  9. Except me!....cause I'm a lazy grad student now. Couldn't get a job... :P
  10. welli decided that im gettin a mcp655 and then i buy an xspc res that has some space for the pump
  11. Make sure you get the reservoir that's designed for the pump if that's your plan. You can also go the route of a pump top/reservoir, but there are a lot of options depending on your needs/wants.
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