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Hi all,

Well it's time to put my intel BadAxeII edit suite to rest. It's great for SD but just can't deal with multiple tracks of HD video.

I would like to put together a dual or quad cpu system (for a total of 8 - 16 cores) with the option of running dual Nvidia cards in SLI. It will be a windows XP / 7 system that I want to be able to do a dual boot Win/Mac setup (i.e. hackintosh). I use CS4 on the pc side of things and Final Cut Pro on the hackintosh side in my curent setup.

I am basically looking to build an HD video crunching edit suite that will let me work on multiple layers of HD footage in real time! I have a raid subsystem setup and waiting for the right cpu, video and motherboard combination. I'm trying to do this on the cheap otherwise I'd go out and buy a mac server.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Cheaper ? any round amount would help...
    And this would certainly help get more responses...
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