HDD drive failure - not recognised with Ubuntu

I have a probolem that has come up before but not with a definitive answer.
I've removed the drive and disconnected the two wires, thinking I was going to try and buy a case and see if I could access the drive this way? Then someone advised to try Ubutnu and reimage repair (which I havent tried).

I've tried Ubutnu but as far as I can see nothing is detecting my hard drive. Like the other post I saw I have photographs on I would really like to try and recover. Surely there is a way someone clever knows (after all the forensics can find allsorts thesedays!)

I was in the process of having bought an external hard drive copying all the files over and only got to 'M' as the drive showed a disc error, unrecoverable ..... Photos under 'P' Ha, (the pc must have known I was superceeding it with a laptop and back up drive!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance with my fingers, legs and eyes crossed !
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  1. HIRENS BOOT CD has loads of tools, several good for getting files off of drives with problems.
  2. Thanks will download now and try. I will let you know how I get on
  3. See the Recovery Tools section of THIS LIST of what is on the disk. You can get detailed info on each program with a quick Google search. Good luck.
  4. Hi
    Thanks for the link. Is there anything particular I should try? I tried the 'booting boot from hard drive' but it came up with an error 15: file not found?
  5. You will have to boot from the boot cd and then try the recovery tools in the link in my earlier post. Recuva or DataRescueDD is a good start. PhotRec is specifically for recovering photos.
  6. Thanks, I did look at the link list, but could'nt really work out which one may be of use sorry ! Will try the oones you suggest. Thanks
  7. Hi
    Ive tried to find Recuva and DataRescueDD but can't find them on the disk menus? However I did find Testdisk, PhotoRec, Undelete (For fat32) and Recover (recover.exe) under Recovery tools.

    I tried PhotoRec, but it says no hard disk found?
  8. Recuva is on my copy of Hiren's. HERE is a link to some further information on using the program.

    It certainly is possible that nothing will be able to recovery your files if the drive is dead.
  9. Oh dear I was hoping that wasn't the case. Thanks for your help anyway.
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