9500 GT or AGEIA

this is strange i submitted this thread 2 times with my firefox and it was never submitted.i stick to ie untill i find out why is that. :whistle:
now i have a 5750 for graphics and i have a 9500 gt for physx and i have too low fps with it on high capable physx games like batman arkham asylum and red faction guerrilla :( and now i want to buy a AGEIA pci to solve this problem (and have a pci-e x16 slot freed for maybe a crossfire in the future).my question is that is ageia physx more powerful than my 9500 gt physx and will ageia solve all my problems with low f/s when i am in a big physx situation ( like a whole building falling apart )

I'll submit this thread and if i don't see it in threads poll againg I'm gonna blow my modem with a c4 :lol:
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  1. Nobody?
    alright maybe i should wait for nvidia's dx11 card
  2. Performance hit is normal,check the reviews of games like Batman with PhysX enabled,the FPS is quite noticeably drops by turning on the PhysX.
    Also i don't think the AGEIA PCI card isn't produced anymore since when Nvidia bought AGEIA,they put PhysX on their own card.
  3. Your 9500GT is probably the problem. According to the Hard review of Batman:AA you need a GTS250 or better for the high setting. The 32SP found in the 9500GT just aren't enough for high.
  4. Quote:
    What is your full system specification?

    ASUS p5e (intel x38) with 4gb ram 800 and 5750 gpu
    when i disable physx game runs on perfect fps but when i activate it i have fps drops
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