Need helping picking a graphics card for the PC I just built.

I picked up all these parts on for 343.25 USD and I'm liking it a lot so far (besides the apparently common issue of your fingers or a device getting near the front USB/3.5 jacks making the computer restart). It has an HD4200, which is about the same as the 9400m in my MacBook. My question is what graphics card should I get? It plays CSS fine which is mostly what I play but there is occasionally a PC game I'm into like The Witcher.

I built it off of an article from MaximumPC - - I got a better motherboard though as per its integrated graphics being strong enough to hold me over.

N82E16811147074 CASE ROSEWILL|R220-P-BK RT 1 29.99
N82E16820220396 MEM 2Gx2|PATRIOT PGS24G6400ELK RT 1 88.99
N82E16817171046 PSU COOLMASTER|RS-460-PSAR-J3 RT 1 29.99
N82E16819103706 CPU AMD|ATH II X4 620 AM3 R 1 99.00
N82E16813128394 MB GIGABYTE|GA-MA785GM-US2H RT

They suggest the Sapphire Radeon HD 5770, It's been ages since I built a PC so my questions are:

A) Is this card pretty decent? It has DX11 but my friend warned me to stay way from 128-bit without giving me any adequate reason why.

B) If this isn't the card for me, what would you suggest? Budget is sub-200 USD.
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  1. if that card isn't for you, get a 4890 (its faster), some cost just less than $200 some cost just more than $200 (that or a cheaper 4870 1gb).

    128 bit is not a good thing because it inhibits the card from sending information as fast. most cards are 256 bit. dx11 is no reason to buy a card of that budget range, and there is some question as to wether it could even handle dx11 in some games. nonetheless it is an excellent card and I would reccomend it.
  2. Hey, you say " nonetheless it is an excellent card and I would reccomend it." talking about one of the cards you suggested or the one I posted?
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