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I have an ATI 4850 with 512 memory in the computer now...would it be benefical to add an ATI 4650 with 1T of memory in a Crossfire setup?
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  1. When it comes to CF, i suggest u to CF 2 identically cards, so u already have 4850 then add more one 4850, u will get a high jump performance with that setup...
    Make sure your PSU can handle that cards... :)
  2. I agree w/ what ^ guy said
  3. You can CF a HD 4850 with HD 4870X2/4870/4850 and 4830 so you can't CF it with a HD 4650.
    Between them the best thing is to CF a HD 4850 with another HD 4850 since they are the same card
  4. Thanks everybody, y'all have just confirmed what I thought, just checking with the experts...the 4650 was a freebie!!!!
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